When people ask…



When people asked me what my father did for a living, the obvious answer was nothing!  And he worked very hard at that…

Depending on the audience and circumstance I might describe him as a silversmith, or artist, but that would often require further explanation and definition.
This reflected the latter years of his life when episodes of physical and mental pain meant that holding down a regular job was impossible.

While going through his papers I found an A-Z list of all the roles he had filled over the years and it makes for an interesting CV:

Artist, Aerial Fitter.

Barker, Beggar, Butler, Bodger, Baker, Bouncer, Builder, Babysitter, Barman, Bus driver, Bodyguard.

Chai wallah, Coffee stallholder, Cabbie, Crocheter, Chauffeur, Carpenter, Chicken keeper, Cleaner, Cook, Concrete mixer, Catsitter.

Decorator, Driver, Designer, Dogwalker.

Engineer, Electrician, Editor.

Firemaker, Fly pitcher, Floor polisher, Furinture maker.

Gofer, Gardener.

Hatseller, Housesitter.

Jeweller, Juggling ball maker, Janitor.

Kitchen porter.

Market gardener, Mechanic, Masseur, Minder.

Needleworker, Newsreader.

Office manager, Other end holder.

Paper hanger, Plumber, Pancake maker, Plasterer, Painter.


Silversmith, Signwriter, Screenprinter, Shopkeeper, Sculptor.

Teaboy, Tent maker, Tiler.


Van driver.

Washer up, Window cleaner, Watchman.

Zen monk.


Dear reader, gr…


ImageDear reader, greetings from the past.

Blessings be upon you and your, you are loved.

Forgive my confusion; imagine my problem:  as I write, no-one knows any of this, and as you read perhaps you already know what I am trying to say and reading it critically.  I am writing for 3 audiences at once, my own time and language – in translation now – and the rest of you.

As writing goes, this is not so much Science Fiction as Art Faction.

SF?  Certainly.  AF? Definitively.
SF?  Oxymoron.  AF?  We’ll see…

Real artists don’t care about money [Money isn’t real].   Money doesn’t care.
Time passes.

As time passes some art becomes worth money.
Art doesnt care about money.
Money doesn’t care.

Time passes.