What’s it all about?


Can the concept be summarised with a snappy sentence? Prags wondered about this…

  • The ultimate communist money making machine & the capitalists can play too
  • The aim of the game is to make more money than we need and more than we can give away and have a laugh all the way
  • An artistic equivalent of the Manhattan Project
  • Opportunity knocks…  ACME Arts sits on the step and occasionally sniggers…
  • A straight business more profitable than crime
  • The money for tomorrows drugs
  • Something better to do
  • Right livelihood
  • Pragyan’s practical guide to now/where.
  • When money is something made by peasants, vagabonds, orphans and artists the banks will be cleaner.
  • A pension you can wear.
  • A better way of doing business.
  • How to bullshit an easy existence for yourself and those around you.  Is peace what you want?