About and Ordering


  • ‘Kin’ell Bank coins, numbered replicas of the original “Singular Currency” are available.

The current price is £150 based on the Prags formula.

You can claim a refund/exchange at any time!

This year’s edition (2012) are in production, and very limited quantities are available for all years between 1998 – 2010.

Note:  All 1996/1997 pieces have been allocated or distributed.   Ownership details are in the database for query.

  • Astrological designs and other pieces are available on a commission basis.  Inquiries will result in arrangements.
  • Fuchsia Bell earrings are priced at half a ‘Kin’ell Bank coin, or £75 a pair / £38 singular.

Please contact pragyan@btinternet.com with queries regarding Workshop boxes and opportunities for collaboration, or anything else.

Twitter @bbmaj


This blog is to track the progress of Acme Arts, an exploration by Acme Silver (registered at Goldsmiths Hall), and the CAmpaign for Real Money Again (CARMA).

At the outset everything is a pipe dream and perhaps there will never be a reality, but on the other hand…

These words come from the writings of the Artist formerly known as Pragyan.



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