Zen and the Making of a Workshop

24 Hercules St
May 14th, Thursday (1992)

It is the hottest day of the year so far and the sun is setting behind the garden across the street, in among the houses.  My window remains wide open and a small rosebush on my desk with a single tiny red flower has been treated to dew from a spray.  The droplets sparkle, and beside it bubbles slowly rise from a glass of freshly poured cold beer.

Resting on it’s beechwood side is the drawer from another desk which I have rescued from the street. It’s mahogany front hooks over the back of the desktop and in front of me is attached a beechwood wedge with the keyhole shape cut away.  My saw frame rests over this, the blade already tensioned to a top A tone, ready to cut a pattern disc from an aluminium sheet.

The next template will be for the Cancer pendant for my son’s birthday at midsummers day – he’ll get it as soon as it’s ready.

There are three candlesticks, a mug full of pens and tools for the silver, and a balsa wood fish from Ecuador!


The draw remained Prags’ workshop for the next 20 years.  He brought it with him to Blair Close where it was mounted on a round conference table (purloined from Gerald Ronson) supported on wooden wine boxes.

The set of tools has been expanded to include doming blocks and punches for the production of ear-rings.


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