CARMA Communiques #10 -11

#10 – 1997

What is Art?

What is Money?

And what of their relationship?

The CARMA membership tokens (which are numbered reproductions of an original piece entitled “A Singular Currency”) are the beginning of a series of works of art to explore these questions.

An exhibition (will have the title “Zen and the Art of Making Money…”):  It’s catalogue will include a workshop manual to reproduce them and be published as a book of the same title.

The market in these works is part of the work itself, surplus funds generated will be used to fund a trust, using the name “ACME” (for Arts and Crafts Made Easy), it’s disbursements to be discussed at CARMAs Annual General Meeting on the 1st of April.

#11 – 1997

Those who received the first years production of ‘Kin’ell Bank coinage are all familiar with my work in silver since the mid-seventies, and will see some connection in the format.  This is an attempt to trap in words some aspects of the design which takes it beyond what has been done before.

Possession of one of these pieces makes you a member of CARMA – the CAmpaign for Real Money Again – which is part of a series of artworks and explorations on the relationships between art, money and time.

There will be an annual general meeting of CARMA on the thirst of April at which questions can be asked on matters not explained here.  This year’s (1997) AGM will start at about seven in the evening at Dingwalls Bar at Camden Lock.

“Zen and The Art of Making Money…” is the title of the book to be written which will go into greater detail; it is also the title of the exhibition which is as yet a fantasy.  The book will provide a full workshop manual from which the whole can be created.  Thus it is a self replicating system.

The CARMA membership token / ‘Kin’ell Bank coinage is a fractal fragment of a series of sculptural pieces in silver.  The basis of the deisgn is a figure One suspended in a circular frame carved by hand from solid sterling silver, the One and Zero to which all conventional “Money” is reduced in computer accounting.  The reverse shows the hallmarks indicating the year of origin and confirms the quality of the metal.  There is a number in binary symbols unique to each piece as on limited edition works of art and banknotes.  The “Makers MArk” is the equivalent of a signature.

One “Coin” can be used as a template to cut more.  Workshop boxes with the tools, materials and instructions to make more of these and other pieces will be part of the exhibition and will be available to buy or rent.


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