Zen and the Art of Making Money – SMEACA

Situation:  We’ve all grown up in a world distorted by the conflicts between capitalism and communism.  Now?  One down, and one to go.

Mission:  To set up a system of exchange compatible with the current insanity & future realities.

Execution:  The introduction of “handmade in meditation” silver coinage whose value as works of art ensures easy exchange with old money.

Administration:  Acme Silver is registered at the Assay Office for Hallmarking and will give access to others.

Communication:  Finished work, tools and materials are all small enough to post, the mails reach all parts of the world.

Any Questions?:  deva.pragyan@btinternet.com

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Do you sincerely want Right Livelihood?    The CAmpaign for Real Money Again (CARMA) offers You FREE MONEY!

Not only today – for ever!!!


There are those who charge money to teach (Erhard Seminars Training, Transcendental Meditation, Scientology etc) on the principle that people don’t appreciate what is given for free.

One way in which Rajneesh’s offer of Sannyas appealed to me was that the mala, the name, and darshan were all free.  Of course you could pay money for lectures, meditations, groups and so on; the essentials were free.

It seems that no-one has yet used the technique of paying people to mediate!

The K’in’ell bank is now open for YOU to make as much money as you want – in meditation.

And…  if that sounds selfish, while you’re at it, you’ll help save the whales, the rain forests and the ozone layer…  AND end the exploitation of one man by another…


now read on…

[You can never repay all the kindness you receive in this world  you can try to keep up with the interest]

The meditation can be done anywhere.  In your own home, in your favourite bar or cafe, on a park bench, walking in a forest, sitting on a mountain top, in the market place; and if you want to travel the taxman will help you do it in style.

Everything you need can be supplied though the post, instruction in the techniques takes only an hour or two (exploring the limits will take a lifetime).

“You cannot make the revolution – you can only be the revolution” – Ursula le Guin.

“If you want to change the world, start by rolling up your sleeves” – Ancient Chinese wisdom.


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